About me!

  • Born 1986 in a town called Borlänge in Sweden.
  • Moved to Södertälje in 2007 and stayed here since.
  • 2016 I followed my dreams and opened my own gym: www.starkgym.se

I specialize in portrait/fashion/fine art photography but loves to explore other areas of photography as well. One should always seek to learn new things and improve not just in work but also in life!

I offer my knowledge to anyone who seeks it and will later on start having workshops with different themes so if you are interested keep up to date with this site. It will be spectacular!

Gear and software:

I work with lightroom, capture one pro and photoshop.

Sony a7m3
Sigma art lenses
Godox flashes
Home studio

If you have any further questions just send an email and I’ll get back to you asap.

Kind regards!